In Context:

How Cape Works

Building an AI that answers thousands of questions is as simple as uploading documents and answering questions.
Deploying it with a single line of code.
Your AI Reads Your Document

Just upload a document or give us a URL to scrape.

You Ask Some Questions

If it gets something wrong, you can just tell it what the correct answer is in our easy to use interface and it will learn instantly.

You Deploy

When you're ready to let your AI loose on the world, you can just copy and paste a javascript snippet or make a single API call.

You Correct Your AI

If it gets something wrong, you can just tell the AI what the correct answer is and it will update your instantly.

The End of Reading Manuals

Your AI reads documents, websites or your knowledge base to answer questions in one click. This isn't another Knowledge Management soluion.
When you change these documents, your AI immediately updates.
You'll no longer have to think 'Read The Frickin' Manual' when you are asked routine questions!
Your AI
Answering Questions

Add New Q&As with No Code

You can give the AI new information by adding Q&As in our easy to user web interface.
Your AI will even tell you when information your customers or colleagues need is missing, and ask you for the correct response.

Why Use Cape?

  • Not Another Knowledge Management Solution.

    Your AI reads your existing knowledge documentation, it doesn't replace what's already there.

  • Answers Questions Before They Get To You

    Because your AI is integrated into where people have questions, their queries are answered before they even get to your inbox. When you use Cape, it becomes more convenient to ask the AI routien questions than to ask you.

  • Update With No Code
    Our easy to use website means that you can update and add new information to your AI without calling us or your IT department. It's as simpe as writing an FAQ.
  • Start Using In Minutes

    Your AI instantaneously reads your documents, so you can get started immediately.

Use Cases

Improving Team Communication

A large minority of team messages are routine questions. Using Cape, your team can build a AI in seconds that will answer these questions, and deploy it to your favourite messaging platform.

Customer Advice

Static FAQs suffer from the problems of being incomplete, and taking time to find the right answer. By asking your AI to read your website and documents, FAQs can be answered immediately. The AI will even ask you when a customer has a new question.

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